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Artist: Trust
Song: Rescue, Mister
Album: Joyland (2014)
Plays: 0

Trust - Rescue, Mister

Artist: Beach House
Song: The Hours
Album: Bloom (2012)
Plays: 2

Beach House - The Hours


Frightened eyes
Looking back at me
Change your mind
Don’t care about me

Artist: Tears For Fears
Song: Mad World
Album: The Hurting (1983)
Plays: 8

Tears For Fears - Mad World

Artist: Ween
Song: Buckingham Green
Album: The Mollusk (1997)
Plays: 4

Ween - Buckingham Green

Artist: Sia
Song: Hostage
Album: 1000 Forms of Fear
Plays: 742

Sia - Hostage


This prison is rough but I can’t get enough
The secret life of us keeps me in handcuffs
Don’t lock me up, don’t you wanna free us
I’m held hostage by your love

07.08.14 47
Artist: Grimes
Song: Go (Feat. Blood Diamonds)
Album: Go
Plays: 28,830

Grimes - Go feat. Blood Diamonds

06.26.14 3339
Artist: Xylos
Song: Summerlong
Album: Body Is Open (2013)
Plays: 24

Xylos - Summerlong

Artist: Sia
Song: Eye of the Needle
Album: 1000 Forms of Fear (2014)
Plays: 2,179

Sia - Eye of the Needle

06.02.14 202
Artist: Cymbals
Song: The Natural World
Album: The Age of Fracture (2013)
Plays: 16

Cymbals - The Natural World

Artist: Jack White
Song: High Ball Stepper
Album: Lazaretto
Plays: 399


Jack White - High Ball Stepper

05.27.14 33
Artist: Poliça
Song: I See My Mother
Album: Give You the Ghost (2012)
Plays: 0

Poliça - I See My Mother

Artist: No Doubt
Song: Different People
Album: Tragic Kingdom (1995)
Plays: 0

No Doubt - Different People


I often think about the world 
In which I live today, of animals and plants 
And nature’s gift set on display 
But the most amazing thing 
That I’ve seen in my time 

Are all the different people 
And all their different minds 
And different ways 
It would take a lifetime to explain 

Artist: Yeasayer
Song: O.N.E.
Album: Odd Blood (2010)
Plays: 17

Yeasayer - O.N.E.


And it feels like being tranquilized
I know the separation kills the soul
But I won’t stop falling like raindrops
Because I like it when you lose control

Artist: Gorillaz
Song: On Melancholy HIll
Album: Plastic Beach (2010)
Plays: 125

Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill

05.27.14 310
Artist: Gwen Stefani feat. Andre 3000
Song: Long Way To Go
Album: Love. Angel. Music. Baby. (2004)
Plays: 725


Gwen Stefani feat. Andre 3000 - Long Way To Go


When snow hits the asphalt, cold looks and bad talk come
We’ve got a long way to go
It’s beyond Martin Luther, upgrade computer

Beauty is beauty, whether it’s black or white
Yellow or green baby, you know what I mean
What if Picasso only used one color?
There shouldn’t be a rule how to choose your lover

I just really love this song.

It’s just so beautifully funky right from the start. Gwen and Andre’s voices mesh just so beautifully, and they both put so much attitude into their vocals, "It’s the young Martin Luthaah, upgrade computaah." Damn they’re cool.

It’s such a unique sounding song in both of their repertoires, and you can definitely hear the way they melded their own sounds into one. Gwen’s ska background shines trough all of the p-funk inspired, hip-swaying beats with her use of horns. Andre’s influence is laced throughout with piano and the beautifully done scratching near the end of the song. It also showcases a lower woodwind! Quick, someone tell me whether that’s an oboe or a clarinet featured!

 It’s also got really great samples of the ‘I Have A Dream’ speech and focuses on the stigma of interracial relationships. It’s definitely a weirder one for both of them but I just can’t stop playing it on repeat.

05.24.14 90